Welding Protection

  • Highest Welder Satisfaction Rating
    Welders worldwide depend on Fibre-Metal welding helmet quality to help them reduce injuries, increase productivity and improve their quality of work life.
    Blend of Innovation and Tradition
    Fibre-Metal is the acknowledged quality leader in the industry we created in 1905 with our invention of the welding helmet. Over the years we maintained that position through continuous innovation resulting in today’s high performance models.
    Added Value
    We also take the lead in providing the services and support you need to implement a comprehensive welding helmet program. Free consultation, hazard analysis, OSHA compliance review, and wearer training assistance help you receive the maximum return on your welding helmet investment.
    Full Range of Materials and Styles
    Fibre-Metal provides a welding helmet for every process and application. Each model is designed for a specific application but all have a full complement of exclusive performance and comfort features to satisfy the needs of today’s high production welders.
    Certifiably Better
    Fibre-Metal welding helmets are SEI certified. This symbol of quality is earned by meeting the stringent requirements of the Safety Equipment Institute, a private, nonprofit organization that certifies personal protective equipment through independent laboratory testing and manufacturer quality performance.


    Combination Protection

For multi-hazard conditions, protective caps must be used in combination with a variety of eye and face protection equipment. For greater cost savings, productivity and convenience, most of Fibre-Metal’s welding helmets, faceshields, protective masks and welding goggles can be combined with protective caps. The Fibre-Metal QuickSwitch System is a series of attachment components for head and face protection when combination protection is required and is available in three distinct technologies: The Speedy Loop, Quick-Lok Blocks, and Quick-Lok Blades for slotted hard hats.

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Speedy Loop Mounting System

For frequent on/off use with protective caps. The Speedy Loop is fully adjustable to fit any style of hard hat. The Speedy Loop comes as an installation kit or pre-installed exclusively on Fibre-Metal welding helmets and face shields. The secure brim tab design does not contain any metal parts – which means it does not affect the dielectric rating of the hard hat. No tools or modifications required.

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Quick-Lok Mounting System

For secure long-term combination use. Quick-Lok mounting blocks come pre-installed exclusively on Fibre-Metal hard hats or sold separately as a kit. Welding helmets, face shields, and goggles that are equipped with Quick-Lok cups can be securely mounted onto and removed from the cap without tools.

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Quick-Lok Blades

Adapts most brands of slotted caps to the Quick-Lok Mounting System within seconds. The Quick-Lok block mounting blades simply insert into the accessory slots on nearly any slotted hard hat. The use of Quick-Lok Blades does not affect the dielectric rating of the hat

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