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Industrial Hose for Oil and Gas Applications Parker Is Ready to Meet the Challenge Mud Man. Roughneck. Roustabout. Wildcatter. These terms vividly capture the dangerous, dirty, risky and tough jobs associated with the oil and gas market. Parker respects the extreme challenges presented by oil and gas exploration, extraction, refining and transportation. the casing to provide support and protection from water penetration, to seal a well for future use or to seal portions of a non-productive well. Abrasion resistant hose is used to transfer dry cement for mixture with chemicals and water to create the cement slurry. During the service life of the well, drilling companies make every effort to keep the wellbore clean and uncontaminated to increase the efficiency and maximize the output of the well. Hot oil and steam hoses are used in this cleansing/ lubrication/salvage process. At the end of the service life of the well, hydrocarbons, sediments and water are vacuumed from mud pits and retaining ponds to be disposed of or recycled. Flexible abrasion- and oil-resistant suction/vacuum hoses are used for evacuation service. Parker Industrial Hose Customer Service 5 866 810 HOSE (4673) 800 242 HOSE (4673) Wickliffe, OH South Gate, CA Eastern USA Western USA e-mail: Introduction Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Natural Gas Extraction Enormous quantities of oil and natural gas may be trapped in underground rock/shale formations (called “shale plays”), requiring a different extraction process. At a prescribed depth, the wellbore is routed horizontally through the shale. When a section of the horizontal run is completed, controlled charges are detonated throughout the length of the perforated casing. Fracking fluid—a blend of chemicals, special sand and water—is injected through the pipe at high pressure and into the shale that was cracked/ fractured by the explosions. The fluid expands the cracks, allowing the natural gas to be harvested back through the casing. Large bore tank hose is used to transfer fracking chemicals between tanks and blenders, while high-pressure, abrasionresistant blender hose is specified to transfer the chemical/sand solution at high pressure from the blenders to the wellhead. Subsea Operations Subsea drilling is significantly more challenging than most land-based drilling. The basic extraction process is the same, but is conducted from a floating platform with thousands of feet of water between the drilling rig and the ocean floor—and the oil. In addition to many of the same hoses used for land-based drilling and fracking operations, specially designed large bore hose is required to transfer crude oil from the well to oil tankers and for unloading tankers at the dock for delivery to refineries. Oil platforms are frequently located far from land and work crews are stationed on-site, so the facility must be self-sufficient. For example, items such as food and beverage hose and tubing are needed to transfer potable water. For quick access to the platform, many visitors travel via helicopter, requiring aircraft fueling hose to service the choppers for the return trip. Continued on next page Wildcatter High Pressure Multipurpose Blender and Chemical hoses 6 Parker Industrial Hose Customer Service 866 810 HOSE (4673) 800 242 HOSE (4673) Wickliffe, OH South Gate, CA Eastern USA Western USA e-mail: Introduction Support Products Many other types of industrial hoses are used at drill sites: air compressor hose for clean up or air tools; chemical and petroleum hose for operational processes, or for transport to/from the job site; material handling hose to transfer abrasive mixing materials; and water hose for clean up, jetting, suction/discharge and wash down. Parker has a wide variety of hoses for each of these complementary applications. Consistent and reliable supplies of oil and natural gas are essential to economic stability and economic growth. Parker industrial hose is a crucial component in the exploration, extraction, refinement, transportation and delivery of these vital resources. The Wildcatter trade name indicates the product is designed and manufactured for premium service in oilfield applications. However, Wildcatter products also may be used in other industries, markets and applications where the product meets the required performance criteria.




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